söndag 24 april 2016

Dikter Åsa S April 2016

I did pray for a man.
And you were sitting  there behind me in the Hotel.

I did pray to meet  some one to talk feelings with,
who cares about mee and even see me.
And that was you!  It was you!
Sitting there behind me in the Hotel.
It was you.!

I did pray to  have  some creativity ,have fun ,buisness with
and like the music. too.
Travling around a little and have sensitivity.
And  even whants to help the WOLD.

And you did have all THIS and much MORE.

Sorry! That i didnt find all a time word in your language.
You did come so quickly to me so i blockt my self .

              All i can do now FOR YOU!
            Is paiting my LOVE to YOU!

fotograf mickaela waldetoft
smycken Liselotte Klingener Silversmycken & Design.

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